10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elsa Dilasser

Posted on April 15th, 2016 by Carlos Damy

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Originally from France, wedding planner Elsa Dilasser fell in love with the casual elegance of Los Cabos in 2000 while studying hospitality management and officially made Cabo San Lucas her home in 2001. For over 15 years, Elsa has planned hundreds of weddings and events while working with some of the regions most prestigious event businesses, from a high-style catering company where her obsessive passion for fine food and beverage shined; to a wedding services business where team management and creative collaboration ruled. Elsa’s high level of professionalism as well as her sophisticated knowledge of party logistics makes her an indispensable member of the ELENA DAMY team. If you haven’t met her yet, now’s your chance to learn a little bit more about ELSA!


1.  I came to Los Cabos from France in 2000 for an internship and the whole year after I returned to France to get my degree I couldn’t stop talking about Cabo. There was just something magical about it, and I missed it so much I decided to leave France and move here. I told my family I would stay for just a year. That was 15 years ago and I’m still here. Los Cabos is my home.

2. I am an extremely organized, OCD type A++ personality. It may be too much for some people but it makes my life and my work as a wedding planner so much easier.

3. To know me is to know I am crazy about animals! I am a real pet lover, but cats in particular are my soulmates. Currently, I have two cats and a dog. One of my cats I rescued on a site inspection at a hotel in San Jose del Cabo. I just couldn’t leave the little one behind!

4. My pêché mignon? Cheese, bread and wine! Come on, I’m French! It’s in my DNA and, of course, my guilty pleasures are always these simple, elegant foodie favorites.

5. When I was a kid, my parents thought I would learn to speak different languages easier if I lived on my own in the countries where the language was spoken. Working as an au pair, I learned English in the South of England and Spanish in Cordoba, Spain. Both before the age of 18! I am tremendously grateful to my parents for encouraging me to travel. Solo travel to other countries is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and to have their support was priceless. Studying abroad I learned far more than I ever did at school, and it helped make me independent at a very young age.

6. Recently, I was introduced to Mezcal at a cocktail tasting. Needless to say, I am obsessed with the smoky taste of it and make sure to enjoy a little every week. Hard to believe that artisanal mezcal has only four ingredients: sun, time, agave and water. That’s all it takes! It’s no wonder I’m obsessed with the liquor!

7. Maintaining my own garden is a passion and I grow herbs for cooking, lavender to remind me of the South of France, and strawberries because I LOVE them. My dream would be to one day have a big vegetable garden that provides all the organic produce that we need.

8. Art is very inspiring to me and it brings my busy mind some much needed serenity. This is why I love to go to museums anytime. and anywhere, I travel! I need to be around fine art collections and up-and-coming artist showings. My favorite museums? Of course, Le Louvre and L’Orsay in Paris and the Metropolitan in New York.

9. The Arabic culture is another love of mine and I developed an interest in it when traveling in Morocco. I love the smell of the spices in the bazaars, the architecture, the people and their history, the landscape and of course their food! Turkey‘s Grand Bazaar, with its Persian history and influences, also intrigued me and I look forward to experiencing these locations again someday.

10. My fiance proposed to me by the Belvedere Castle in New York’s Central Park. It was very romantic, he selected the exact engagement ring he knew I would like (and I did!) and had it on the cork from a bottle of wine we enjoyed on our first date! He says he knew from the start I was the one. When it came to deciding where we should get married, my family said “Los Cabos, for sure!” Actually, I believe their very words were “Los Cabos would be perfect for us to escape from the cold winter in France.” And so, I, too, am getting married in CABO!

To chat with ELSA about your upcoming destination wedding or special event please feel free to email her at elsa@elenadamy.com.

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