ELENA DAMY’s approach to wedding and event planning is to reevaluate each party element and introduce updated, fresh ideas that make the planning experience much more interesting, personal and gracious for you and your guests.

CHRIS+LYNN Destination Wedding Photographers

CHRIS+LYNN Destination Wedding Photographers

WE OFFER A COMPREHENSIVE, full-service event planning service working closely with you to plan each and every element of your dream celebration. When you engage ELENA DAMY, we match our passion for style and creativity with professional project management. The flow, timing and execution of every single detail are as important as the details themselves. We carefully orchestrate the event, ensuring that every element blends together beautifully to build excitement, deliver surprises and enhance the overall wedding planning experience.

To better understand your wedding planning needs and how ELENA DAMY can best assist you with bringing those needs to life, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

{Photos courtesy of Chris+Lynn Photographers}