Monday Muse: I Love Her

Posted on May 9th, 2016 by Elena Damy

I love her elena damy destination weddings monday motivation

OUR MONDAY MUSE is all about HER.

Nothing moves us more than watching a groom treat his bride with compassion, listening to her with genuine interest, and always speaking to her kindly and respectfully. Taking care of her tenderly and keeping her, and her best interests, first and foremost. Telling her often, in small and big ways, that she is loved and showing her she is cherished. Making sure she is his number one priority in life—ahead of work and friends—and that she knows she holds that sacred place in his heart.

Hmmm, perhaps our Monday Muse is really all about HIM.

How lucky we are to witness such romance! It is the “beginning and end of everything…”

Happy Monday!

Love, Elena xo

{Photo courtesy of Chris Plus Lynn Destination Photographers}

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