Monday Muse: Working Together as a Unit

Posted on April 4th, 2016 by Carlos Damy

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PLANNING A WEDDING is more than glittering, glamorous photographs. It’s exciting, wonderful, and joyous! But planning a wedding can also be tremendously stressful, particularly if you’re planning a wedding weekend away from everything you know, far from home in a foreign country. That kind of destination wedding planning can test the strongest of relationships. Money, control and expectations can distort reality causing untold drama to unfold. Add to that the endless logistical details to face, the impatience for answers beyond your reach, the frustrating travel complexities, and the cultural and language barriers, and, well, you have the makings of a massive meltdown.

WEDDINGS LIKE THIS PAST WEEKEND’S are reminders of how honored we are to be included in our clients’ celebrations. How blessed we are to be trusted to join our clients on their wedding planning journeys, to support them as they navigate the complicated process. We are grateful to be of service, working with our clients to ease their planning stress. While we can’t take all the pressure away, we certainly strive to educate our clients on their options by narrowing down the overwhelming amount of information coming at them at light speed. We also do whatever we can to make the planning process fun, to encourage joy, participation and connection as each decision is presented. After all, it’s a wedding! A happy occasion, a party, a celebration to mark the beginning of a marriage.

BUT THE BEST is getting to witness our couples, facing the endless barrage of wedding challenges TOGETHER, as an unstoppable, loving family unit. A new family in the making, facing difficult decisions together, learning to negotiate priorities and respect each other’s strengths. All while balancing the rest of their busy lives and responsibilities. Watching the love stories grow and strengthen, right before our eyes, is inspiring to us, both personally and professionally.

You’re our Monday Muse. Thank you for letting us come along. xoxo

{Photo courtesy of Erik Kwok Photography}

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