20 Fun Facts About Wedding Planner Erendira Carrillo

Posted on June 19th, 2019 by Melissa Paul


Wedding Planner & Event Coordinator

When it comes to wedding planning and event coordination, Erendira Carrillo, brings experience, warmth, and passion to the process. Having worked in the wedding, event, and hospitality industry for several years, Erendira has planned over 150 weddings and events! Many of them multi-cultural, thus allowing her to come to your event informed, open-minded, and determined to organize an unforgettable experience for all involved!

For Erendira, the relationships formed during the planning timeframe and the joy of seeing the occasion shared with family are her reward for a job well done. As a valued member of Team Elena Damy, Erendira, or “Eren” as she’s known to many, is a calming, positive event manager who brings out the best in those around her.

We invite you to get to know a little bit more about Eren, as well as what inspires and amuses her. Enjoy!


1) Before I started working at Elena Damy as a Wedding and Event Planner, I worked as a Sales Manager and Wedding Planner at the Hilton Los Cabos. In fact, I have planned over 150 weddings and events already in my career! Before that, I worked as a Golf Concierge at Questro Golf and prior and as a certified realtor at Prudential California Realty.

2) I am certified in Same-sex Weddings and have two certifications in South Asian Weddings. (Indian Weddings)

3) No matter where I am, who I am working with or what I am doing, you can count on me to maintain a positive attitude and GO GET IT perspective!

4) The three words I would like to hear my friends use when describing me include passionate, happy, and encouraging.

5) The one problem I am best at solving for my clients and/or coworkers is finding the best solution without delay, and then implementing it diplomatically with all of those involved. Managing and inspiring a team of vendors, event partners, and colleagues to work at their best level personally, and together as a team, is always a priority for me! To achieve an amazing result for our clients – meaning, a successful wedding or event — we must support, learn, and inspire each other. I really believe this!

6) You may not know, but I am a local! I grew up right here in Cabo San Lucas but spent a year of high school in Florida where I learned to speak English. After returning to Mexico, I was certified as a Real Estate Agent with Tecnologico de Monterrey and sold real estate for 5 years. But, weddings and events were calling to me, which led me to join the Hilton family in my hometown at the Hilton Los Cabos. In my four years at the Hilton, I loved working directly with guests, event planners, and brides and grooms. I couldn’t wait to get to work and apparently, it showed as I was promoted five times!

7) I enjoy playing golf and take every opportunity to play.

8) Carlos and Elena Damy have inspired me for years! Before I joined #TeamElenaDamy, I followed their work and admired what they do with wonder. And then we got the chance to work together on a large Indian wedding and I experienced firsthand what they do. I loved their attention to detail and how incredible they execute every event.

9) I love being a wedding planner, but family for me is the most important thing. I am the mother of 3 and my children are my inspiration every day. But pray for me as I have three teenagers, Isaac (16), Sarah (14), and Sofia (13)!

10) When I get some time off, I head to the beach – Cerritos and Los Barriles are my favorite beaches — and I can spend the whole day there.

11) One of my professional mentors is Los Angeles wedding planner, Mindy Weiss. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with her on a couple of weddings and I love how she inspires all those around her.

12) I love to cook and that’s a good thing since I have a big family! I love to cook for them and although I just learned how to make homemade sushi, my favorite thing to make for everyone is ceviche. We have such delicious seafood and fish here in Cabo! In fact, I would actually say my favorite guilty pleasure is shrimp ceviche and sashimi!

13) I remember when Cabo San Lucas had only one paved road, one traffic light and there wasn’t any public transportation! Things have definitely changed and Los Cabos continues to grow every year!

14) My favorite part of a wedding is the ceremony, particularly when the couple exchange their wedding vows. It’s the ultimate moment of hope, love, and romance. But I also get really emotional when the groom dances with his mother. It makes me cry every single time as I see myself there in a few years with my dear son, Isaac.

15) My fondest travel memory is a road trip I took with a friend from Cabo San Lucas all the way up to San Diego. We stopped at many small towns along the way and enjoyed the raw, natural beauty of Baja California. Thankfully, there are still undeveloped desert areas where the only noise you hear is the wind.

16) I can’t live without my children and God in my life.

17) On the morning after a big wedding or event that I’ve planned, you can normally find me in the kitchen making some chilaquiles and having breakfast with my kids. Then, off my feet!

18) If you peeked in my bag you would find a hair flat iron, bobby pins, perfume, sunblock, and water. But also, because I am popping in and out of many hotels, resorts, and restaurants here with clients and events, there are always tip coins in my bag (and sometimes pockets) for the incredible Baja locals who I know work so hard to make others happy.

19) You might be surprised to learn that I speak Spanish and English fluently, as well as some basic Italian and that now I’m learning Portuguese!

20) My day always starts with gratitude and a walk and ends with lots of time spoiling my pets! We have a cat and two dogs, a Schnauzer and a Scottish Terrier.

Planning a party, wedding, or special event? Why not reach out to Erendira to see how she, or someone else on our team, can best support you in your event planning endeavors?

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