White Bridal Bouquets for Beach Weddings

Posted on December 4th, 2013 by Carlos Damy

When it comes to bridal bouquet styles, we certainly see it all in the Elena Damy design studio! From colorful mounds of Black Beauty roses and red Cymbidium Orchids to stunning hand-tied posies of ruffled hot pink Peonies and softly cascading magenta Phalaenopsis Orchids. Every bride can, and does, name her own shade of blooming bliss!  Time after time, more and more, we hear brides confidently state they will be holding a brightly colored bridal bouquet as a bold expression of their unique personality and wedding style. Certainly, as event designers, how could we ever object to that fabulous freedom of expression? A bride’s wedding should reflect her personal taste on every level, right down to what she holds in her hands as the ultimate bridal accessory.

Yet, despite all this talk of vibrant color, if you asked us what the majority of our brides choose to carry as their wedding bouquet we would have to say:  WHITE.  IVORY.  CREAM. There is a lovely symbolism in white flowers: innocence, purity, perfection, honesty, fidelity, freshness, and promise. All of which capture the hopes and dreams of engaged couples when they choose to join their lives together and start anew. We love white flowers as they can easily transform from casual to formal, and from classic to contemporary. They also look just as lovely in bright sunlight for outdoor beach weddings as they do in candlelit ballroom in big cities. Above, we created a lush all-white bouquet of white Hydrangea and Phalaenopsis Orchids.

While an all-white bouquet is the most classic of wedding palettes, it certainly is not the only option. Tones of white and ivory can be shared with pale butter yellow, soft blush and other pale secondary colors Mother Nature offers in certain blooms. And nothing demonstrates that point more beautifully than the pretty bridal bouquet shown above where we blended Freesia, Roses, and Phalaenopsis Orchids into a classic creamy confection with pops of yellow; and below, in a simple, elegant bouquet composed entirely with white Cymbidium Orchids with raspberry pink throats.

Just a few of our favorite white wedding bouquets to inspire your own… Enjoy!

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