A Modern White Wedding Ceremony

Posted on April 14th, 2016 by Melissa Paul

building a ceremony chuppah on the beach los cabos elena damy

EVERY SO OFTEN WE GET A CALL from one of the world’s best wedding planners or celebrity event designers. They’re coming to Los Cabos, Mexico for a client’s over-the-top luxury wedding celebration! “Are you available to help us?” they ask. Depending on the timing of the event and what else we have on the books already, we are usually happy to help! Nikki Khan from Exquisite Events, an event planning company in Los Angeles, was just one such party planner. She reached out to us for floral design support on a whirlwind wedding weekend at One&Only Palmilla. You can read all about the multi-event celebration on Nikki’s blog, but suffice it to say, this was no ordinary wedding!

TAKE A LOOK at the gorgeous ruby red and gold Indian wedding ceremony we decked out in a zillion red velvety roses, as well as this all white modern beach wedding ceremony at the Catholic nuptials the following day. We covered a crisp, contemporary white structure with a luxurious display of white roses, hydrangea and orchids. We hung strands of sparkling crystals from the back of the structure, which caught the sunshine like prisms. Down the ceremony aisle we placed over-sized glass hurricanes with modern monochromatic arrangements of white flowers. Contrasted with the azure blue skies and shimmering ocean, it was spectacular!

GORGEOUS, POWERFUL, PASSIONATE. A beautiful continuation of a magical destination wedding celebration in Los Cabos!

White Wedding Flowers Beach Weddings Cabo Destination Wedding Ana Jerome PhotoWhite Wedding Flowers Beach Weddings Cabo Destination Wedding Ana Jerome Photo 2

{Photos courtesy of Ana & Jerome Photography}

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