10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elena Damy, Creative Director & Lead Floral Designer

Posted on June 17th, 2016 by Carlos Damy



The essence of ELENA’S signature style lies in her keen ability to find inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines (fashion, flowers, architecture, painting, travel…) and to creatively translate them into a modern, vibrant style that exudes effortless elegance and classic composition.

While living in Paris, she discovered her love, if not obsession, for fresh flowers and botanicals, as well as her natural talent for sculptural floral design. Inspired, Elena sought to learn floral artistry from some of the world’s best floral designers in Paris, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Los Angeles. Soon after, Elena and her husband Carlos launched ELENA DAMY, a couture floral and event design studio.

Over a decade later, ELENA’S events are memorable for their extraordinary beauty and lush emotional expression, as well as the unparalleled personal service she offers each client. Her ability to conceptualize floral design in harmony with her clients’ tastes has made her the event designer of choice for a host of international Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood celebrities, event planners, luxury hotels, and bridal couples.

If you haven’t met dear ELENA yet, we encourage you to pick up the phone or click the keys to say Hola! But until then, here are some additional fun facts about our Creative Director:


1. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city and one of the country’s strongest cultural hubs. Guadalajara is also the birthplace of tequila and mariachi!

2. I am a lawyer. After graduating from law school, I lived for a year in Paris, France where I realized my true passion was floral design. And, even though I worked in the legal field for just a brief period of time, I couldn’t silence the creativity calling to me and I eventually decided to switch careers. Elena Damy, Floral & Event Design was launched and well over a decade later, I’m proud to say we’ve designed events from California to Hong Kong!

3. I greatly admire and look up to Mexican painter Frida Khalo for her love of Mexican and indigenous culture, as well as her depiction of the female experience and individual spirit. In fact, I was inspired to name my lovely Maltipoo dog after her… Frida! (it was an eyebrow thing).

4. I LOVE fashion and shopping for shoes and bags is not only a favorite pastime, it’s an obsession! Kind of like my fetish for gorgeous ribbon, but that’s another story…

5. Other than my clients, the world is my MUSE! I am crazy about traveling and exploring new places around the world, from Aspen to Hong Kong, to San Miguel de Allende here in Mexico to Sydney, Australia, Berlin, Germany and Riviera Maya to name just a few destinations that inspire me!

6. I am SUPER crazy about my boys: Carlo, my 6-year old little devil; André, my 9-year old little angel; and Carlos, my 42-year old hubby and business partner.

7. Every time a new bride shares her wedding ideas with me, I completely forget where I am and the rest of the world disappears! I clearly start visualizing the ideas in my mind, working through the possibilities, and how to translate the vision into a unique statement that will, hopefully, elevate the concept to a whole new amazing level! I LOVE the design process!

8. Even though most everyone has a favorite color, I actually love all of them! So I use the entire color chart in my design work, selecting shades and tones to compliment or contrast, according to each specific design scheme.

9. If I decided to switch careers (again), I would love to become an architect.

10. No surprise to anyone, I am a perfectionist! But I know I am not alone in wanting each and every party detail and design element to be exactly as I envision it, or BETTER!

To reach out to Elena Damy to discuss your upcoming wedding, special event or corporate celebration, please email her at elena@elenadamy.com.

{Lead photo of Elena Damy courtesy of Chris + Lynn Photographers; Elena at the table courtesy of Ashley Bosnick Photography; and the collage of photos of Elena, Carlos, Carlo and Andre courtesy of Sara Richardson Photography}

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