2019 is All About Team

Posted on January 2nd, 2019 by Melissa Paul

2019 is the Year of the Team

If we learned anything in 2018, it was the value of teamwork. Whether that’s the core partnership between Carlos and Elena Damy, the co-founders of the company. Or, the teamwork between Carlos, Elena, and Claudia Morales, our in-house wedding planner. Or, the extended design collaborations with Hector Damy, our Production Director, Maria Romero, our Interior Designer, and Melissa Paul, our Brand Storyteller. And on and on into our floral design, furniture rental division, event delivery, and design installation departments, as well as the accounting, warehouse, and production sub-teams of Team Elena Damy. Each individual brings the whole company together to create one harmonious, creative energy you can’t find anywhere else.

Together, Always

Together, we are imaginative, productive, determined, passionate, extremely endearing, super clever, and sometimes wacky. But always, a team. We’re looking forward to an incredible 2019 filled with powerful partnerships, creative collaborations, and fabulous friendships! Some of whom are shown here in these awesome photos from our friends at Banga Studios. If only we had a photo with everyone we work with, wouldn’t that be something?

From everyone at ELENA DAMY, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

{Photos courtesy of Banga Studios, taken with some of our favorite event partners and kindred spirits}

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