5 Tips for Planning a Successful Destination Corporate Event

Posted on March 27th, 2020 by Melissa Paul

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Our 5 Tips for Destination Corporate Events

Destination corporate events, sales meetings, and business conferences may be on hold for now, but we know our fellow event planners are just waiting to get planning again! When you do rev up the planning, and assuming you are considering whether to bring your event to Cabo San Lucas, please keep these tips in mind…

{Tip 1: Have Clear Event Goals}

Always a crucial aspect to planning ANY special event is establishing the overall event purpose and then making sure it is in alignment with everyone involved. This means really understanding the intentions and expectations for the event before proceeding any further into planning every detail. Particularly, if you, your client or your superiors want to plan the event in Mexico. Knowing who will be attending the event and what do you want them to take away from it are critical questions. As is the overall event budget, and which items are a priority in the financial investment.

We have found that by establishing specific goals up front, it is much easier to determine whether the corporate event you are planning will be a good fit for a foreign location such as Cabo San Lucas.

{Tip 2: Location is Everything}

No surprise to anyone planning an event, the location not only sets the tone for the style of the event, but it can make or break the success of your destination corporate event. And by “location” we mean region, city, venue, or venues, and the host hotel. Really taking the time to evaluate the specific benefits and budgetary boundaries of holding a multi-day event or meeting in a particular place is a must! You may have been charged with planning the event in Cabo San Lucas, but that’s all you have. Knowing, again, the event goals, how many guests will be attending, and the overall budget is KEY to staying efficient and on target. As is understanding all the amenities and services available, and whether they can all be found at one hotel or resort, and in the area surrounding it. Know what you need, generally, then start gathering your research!

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{Tip 3: Content Can Impact Venue Selection}

Of course, another aspect of smart site selection is knowing a little about the event schedule and conference content. Is it a three-day conference with sales presentations by day and lavish black-tie dinner parties at night? Are there multiple on-site conference rooms and breakout areas needed for educational training? Are there exclusive excursions or luxury villas needed for VIPs, top sales team members, and award-winners? In other words, puzzle out the specific needs of the event schedule early on. Even though it will most likely change or adapt as the site is selected. And, does the host hotel or main event venue support the entire content schedule or are multiple venues required?

Tips 2 and 3 really move and change in the initial stages of the planning process, it’s just part of the journey!

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{Tip 4: Fleshing Out the Program with Entertainment}

Okay, the event location is set! It’s time to flesh out the timeline with programming and entertainment! Finding the right mix of speakers, presentations, musical performers, and other entertainment takes the event to a whole new level! For instance, our client NuVasive hosted a multi-day conference with a mixture of meetings and fun, team-building activities during the day. Then, a whole mixture of motivational and celebratory gatherings at night.

One such evening took place at Flora Farms and included an inspiring presentation by the American boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard, dinner in the beautiful gardens, and a custom-choreographed fireworks show. The next night’s event took place poolside at the host hotel with a mariachi serenade at sunset, multiple live-action food stations, and a disco dance party under the stars.

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{Tip 5: Partner with a Local Event Planner}

Admit it, you need help handling all of the details! Why wouldn’t you? You’re from out of town! This is why ELENA DAMY has partnered with companies, organizations, and event planners many, many, times before. From finding the right venues and plugging in the technological aspects, providing event decor and branded materials, scheduling transportation, sourcing hospitality gifts and securing the right local talent and entertainment —  you name it, we’ve done it. We are here to support you and the success of your destination corporate event!

We know, wholeheartedly, that working with a local event planning company, like ELENA DAMY, can be extremely helpful at any stage of the planning process!

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Corporate Event Flora Farms

{Event Credits: Local Planning, Event Decor, Audio/Visual, Entertainment: ELENA DAMY; Food & Beverage, Location: Flora Farms; Photography: Giovanni Emmanuel}


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  1. Taylor Abrams

    My sister’s on the hunt for a corporate event dj for their company’s black-tie formal gala next week since she’s the head of its committee. I agree with your statement that the venue can either make or break the success of your destination corporate event. It not only establishes the mood for the event’s style. I will share this article with her to maybe help her run it more smoothly and efficiently.


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