Design Studio


It is no wonder that many clients, whether an engaged couple or a corporate event planner, fall in love with Cabo San Lucas. We did and chose to headquarter our upscale event production business right here in Cabo. With its stunning beaches, luxury resorts, and sensational year-round weather, Los Cabos, Mexico is an ideal location for a destination wedding, birthday celebration or special event. And ELENA DAMY knows Cabo like no one else!

But did you know we also have an office in Southern California? We opened our second office several years ago specifically to meet with our clients as many live in Southern California (San Diego, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach), the Southwest (Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico), and further north (Chicago, Toronto, New York, Vancouver) but find the greater Los Angeles area a convenient location for wedding design and event planning consultations.


When you come to Cabo, we encourage you to visit our design studio and rental showroom. From the moment you walk through the door and into the studio, the world stops, and creativity blooms. As the heart of our event design process, the design studio was specifically created to inspire and focus your energy on the special event you are planning. In addition to serving as our meeting and consultation space, the design studio is a showroom filled with custom fabricated furniture, theatrical props, lighting elements, linens, vases and containers, tabletop and food service pieces, antiques and collectibles, candles and votives, as well as other decorative accessories from around the world. The studio is also where we get to know you, what you love, and what you dream about for your destination wedding or special event.


Once secured, our ELENA DAMY event planning team will get to work helping you choose the perfect location for your special event. Then, we will start developing the style of your celebration aka “the big picture,” assembling the team of event partners, vendors, and creative professionals, and preparing the overall plan of action with administrative backbone tools to follow such as the event timeline, menu, and budget. From there, we will produce the event; organizing and planning every last detail; recommending and securing additional vendors, performers, and artists as needed; coordinating payment schedules and reminders; providing constant professional advice and guidance.

Depending on your event needs, our ELENA DAMY planning team will provide on-site event management and behind-the-scenes orchestration of all vendors, professionals, and participants for the main event and any surrounding parties or activities you arrange.


Our comprehensive design process allows you to become fully involved in the creation of the overall event vision. Each party environment we design requires a combination of personal taste, sketches, floor plans, site visits, and artistic expertise. Once we have the overall design concept in mind, we work closely with you to match the creative vision with your event budget, location parameters, and availability.

A design proposal is then shared, outlining all the floral, event, and production services requested of ELENA DAMY. Once our design proposal is approved, we secure dates with other parties, artists, and professionals, and assign projects needed to bring the design to life.


ELENA DAMY is committed to being timely, responsive, and available to our clients and event partners throughout the entire event production process, ensuring that each and every idea, suggestion or concern is taken into careful consideration.


Get in touch with us! We would love to learn more about your event and share how Team Elena Damy can assist you with your event planning journey.