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Posted on March 28th, 2016 by Carlos Damy

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ARE YOU FOLLOWING US ON INSTAGRAM? If you are, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! But it’s time to embrace the new changes Instagram is launching today. If you haven’t heard about the changes, here’s the gist of the matter:

Instagram will no longer post images in chronological order (in real time). Instead, all images will post by an algorithm that will show images Instagram believes you will love based on your previous likes and comments. Not something we love, but we are willing to see what happens! Additionally, all posts will be shown in your followers’ Instagram feeds ranked by quality of interaction. So, if the post is garnering a lot of likes and comments, it will show up first in your followers’ feeds. Sound a little like Facebook? If it does, then you understand exactly what this means and what we all have to do to keep our favorite feeds flowing.

We completely believe in providing engaging content and don’t want to barrage your inboxes with notifications. But we want to make sure we’re reaching you, our dear clients, potential clients and followers.

So, do you want to keep getting Elena Damy posts in your feed? Please turn on the POST NOTIFICATIONS for our Instagram feed! Here’s how to make that happen. From your mobile device, go to the Elena Damy Instagram Page, look for the three dots on the upper right, click on the dots and a menu will appear. Scroll down to “Turn on Post Notifications” and BOOM! We will always appear organically in your feed!

We thank you again for following us! You can always follow us by hashtags #teamelenadamy and #marryincabo and feel free to post your own photos using those hashtags so we can share the journey with you. And please know, we welcome any feedback on what you see, what you don’t want to see, and what information we can share on the wonderful world of destination weddings!

Love, #teamelenadamy

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Are you following us on Instagram? Please read this to understand the new Instagram changes and to keep your favorite Insta feeds flowing.

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