Cabo Wedding Locations & Event Venue Scouting

Posted on November 6th, 2019 by Melissa Paul

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Cabo Wedding Locations

If you have yet to find the perfect wedding location, have no fear! We can help you with that! We are ready to help you locate your dream wedding venue. Figuring out the wedding location is the best way to get the whole wedding planning process started as you get to learn about the entire Los Cabos area. Which for many of our clients is a must as they may need to understand more about Cabo before making a decision to wed here at all. For others, who know absolutely that Cabo San Lucas is where they want to get married, it’s a matter of weeding through all of the options!

Again, we are here to help, no matter where you are in the decision-making process.

Scheduling an entire week or weekend of venue scouting is highly recommended! As you tour hotels, restaurants, villas, and other interesting venues, you learn about style options, seasonal weather, and pricing structures. All of which, as well as many other factors, will help you decide where your destination wedding will take place.

How We Help You

Our planners start the venue process by getting to know your style and vision for the wedding day. From there, they select qualified venues to suit those parameters. They coordinate a lovely day — sometimes more than one, too! — of venue tours, site inspections, and menu and wine tastings. Throughout the site inspections, our team gets the opportunity to get to know you, helping us to learn your priorities and concerns. But also, we get to share with you all the design variables and logistical concerns for each venue, all while painting a picture of how the wedding day/weekend could flow.

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After the Site Inspections

Our goal is to help you make a confident decision on where to host each event involved in your destination wedding weekend. We hope that by the end of our site inspection time together, you will not only head home knowing where your wedding will take place. But also, with a strong sense of trust, friendship, and camaraderie with everyone on our team, knowing that we are here to bring your Cabo wedding to life!

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Are You Interested in Getting Married in Cabo?

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the many beautiful wedding venues available here in Cabo San Lucas. Or, if you want to better understand how ELENA DAMY can assist you with either our wedding planning or event design services.

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