Easter at the Kids’ Table

Posted on April 13th, 2020 by Melissa Paul

kids table centerpiece easter theme

Our Easter Lunch at the Kids’ Table

In the past, and hopefully the near future, our Easter celebrations had us gathered around big, festive tables with our parents, siblings, and extended family members. This year, for obvious reasons, we are #SafeAtHome here in Cabo San Lucas. With all this time at home together, Carlos and I have been inspired to re-evaluate how we actually USE our home. Rather than how we USED to use our home. We realized things needed to change. So, gone is the elegant lounge and dining room we enjoyed for cocktail and dinner parties with our friends. We’ll see it come back someday soon. But for now…

The Living Room is for Living

That’s right, our living room is now meant for a whole new kind of living! The focus is on our kids. Keeping our two, active young boys inside the house on lockdown means changing our living room into a play┬ázone. Including a kids’ table for school projects, games, crafts, and activities, as well as moving out a sofa and setting up a ping pong table! All is needed for burning off high energy and restlessness (for all of us kids, young and old).

Easter for the Kids

Our Easter Sunday was all about keeping things kid-friendly, from the lazy schedule of the day to the kid-cool foods and the endless (and I mean, ENDLESS and EXHAUSTING) playtime. It also meant eating our Easter lunch at the kids’ table! Any chance I get to decorate a table, I do! And so for our Easter theme, I pulled out some of the kids’ favorite stuffed animals and handmade felt characters. I then added brightly-colored Easter eggs and fun, new ceramics that completed the holiday look. All in all, it was a sweet little table and it set the tone for a casual, warm, and let’s be honest, super short meal together. Back to the ping pong table they went…

Here’s “hopping” your Easter was as sweet ours!

With love, Elena Damy

Kids Easter Table decorations

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