A Little Fashion Love

Posted on May 20th, 2016 by Elena Damy

destination weddings mexico elena damy ashley turner photo

ONE OF THE BEST ASPECTS OF TODAY’S WEDDINGS? To each her own. Brides and grooms are creating an event that reflects their own personal style. It’s your wedding, your way! Right down to inviting your squad of bridesmaids to choose a gown of their own, rather than having all the ladies wear matching dresses you’ve chosen for them.


INDIVIDUALITY AND CONFIDENCE! We particularly love the individuality this trend states to all, and how comfortable the bridesmaids are throughout the day as a result. A win-win for all! And, even though they are wearing their own dress and each is different, as your floral designer, we design bridesmaids bouquets that unify the look.

Just look at this chic wedding, don’t the ladies look FABULOUS? Right down to their sexy toes.

{Floral Design: Elena Damy Floral and Event Design; Photographer: Ashley Turner: Location: Casa Turquesa}

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