Fiesta de Bienvenida for Kyle & Fede

Posted on March 8th, 2023 by Melissa Paul

Fiesta de Bienvenida for Kyle & Fede

A destination wedding weekend, in true Cabo style, starts with a fantastically festive “fiesta de bienvenida” or welcome party! Like most of our clients who have chosen to celebrate their wedding away from home, Kyle and Fede have a whole extended weekend of parties and fiestas lined up! Some events planned over the wedding weekend were more intimate, focusing only on the immediate families or the bridal party. Other parties were designed with all wedding guests in mind. Like this colorful Mexican welcome party at Mi Casa Restaurant, planned intentionally to kick off the celebrations and spice up the mood! This is Baja, after all!

Family Fotos on the Way to the Fiesta

Catching a few family photos of Kyle and Fede looking their usual, super chic selves, on the way to the welcome party. Kyle’s sunset orange midi skirt and top by Zimmermann and Valentino espadrilles were an inspired choice for the occasion! Our fresh floral wreath added just the right touch of bridal flare to the look. Clearly, you can see both the bride and groom get their sense of style from their well-dressed families!

Mi Casa, a Place to Party

Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Restaurante Mi Casa is a visually vibrant venue for private parties and special events. Serving authentically delicious Mexican food in a colorful environment, rich in local culture and thematic character. One of our favorite elements of the Mi Casa is its intimate courtyard setting, complete with rows and rows of strung papel picado.

Papel Picado

Long ago, in early Mexico, the Aztec peoples chiseled their spirit figures into mulberry or fig tree¬†bark to make a rough paper called¬†amate. This custom later evolved into the art form we now know as papel picado. Then, in the 19th Century, Mexicans encountered delicate tissue papers and adapted the paper to the craft. Nowadays, Mexican artisans layer 40 to 50 pieces of tissue paper before punching intricate designs into them using a fierrito chisel. It’s an art form that speaks to the warmth, creativity, and charm of the Mexican people.

Time to Party!

Once you choose your menu, get the margaritas flowing, all you need to do is come and enjoy the party! That’s exactly what Kyle and Fede did, and you can feel the fun they had at their welcome party!

{Event Credits: Wedding Planning & Event Design: ELENA DAMY DESTINATION WEDDINGS; Photography: LA76 Photography, Wedding & Lifestyle Photography}

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