Micro Wedding on the Beach for Andrea and Fernando

Posted on August 12th, 2020 by Melissa Paul

Micro Weddings in Cabo San Lucas

The world of weddings is a very different landscape these days, for obvious reasons. And while many “normal” wedding celebrations are, thankfully, on our calendar for 2021 with guest lists of 50 to 250, the rest of this year will also include the increasingly more popular “micro wedding” and “minimony” – two new-ish phrases to get to know as you consider getting married in the next six months or so. Especially, if you are interested in getting married HERE in Los Cabos, Mexico where conditions are decidedly safer than most places in the United States.

What are Micro Weddings & Minimonies?

Normally, the average destination wedding here in Los Cabos (the area in our part of Baja California Sur that runs between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo) is 85-150 guests. Yes, we have done many weddings with higher guest counts, even as high as 600! But ordinarily, pre-Corona virus, our wedding clients would average having around 100-175 guests attending their celebration weekend. Now, we have weddings with 50, 60, 75, 150, 250, all in the works for the coming Fall 2020/Winter and Spring 2021 seasons. As well as 15 and 30! Which means, for those lovebirds who really don’t want to wait until next year to get married, or don’t want to postpone their 2020 wedding for a variety of reasons, a micro wedding or minimony could be the answer!


A micro wedding is a ceremony and reception with less than 30 guests in attendance. This isn’t a new concept, we know. In fact, for years and years, many people “eloped” to a faraway destination to get married. Sometimes just the two of them, or, with 10-20 of their nearest and dearest friends and families. It was the definition of a “destination wedding” for many years! What we have always loved about small weddings aka micro weddings is that they offer an intimacy highly sought after, particularly when combined with spectacular venues in romantic locales. Like Los Cabos!


A minimony is a wedding ceremony, perhaps with a meal of some kind to follow. Sounds like a traditional elopement, right? Well, it is! But with less importance on the party and a whole lot of value placed on the ceremony itself. Generally, the minimony is just the couple, their children, or with a handful of their family along or the celebration. Dramatic, breathtaking locations for the wedding ceremony are an absolute must! We even have couples choosing a minimony for a second wedding or renewal of their vows. Perhaps, once home after their minimony, or scheduled for 2021, the couple will host a larger party or reception to celebrate!

Celebrating Love

Hopefully, this post will give you a better idea of what a micro wedding is, along with some inspiration for what is possible to have them here in Cabo San Lucas. We’ve certainly enjoyed planning and designing several micro weddings over the past couple of months. The good news is that, currently, getting married in Baja is possible with any size guest list because we have so many beautiful, outdoor spaces to offer. But for those couples more comfortable keeping things small for the time being, you can definitely celebrate with a micro wedding! Almost anything can happen with a little physical distancing and a lot of love!

We’ll leave you with a few beautiful photos from Andrea and Fernando’s recent micro wedding for 15 guests at the stunning East Cape.

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{Event Credits: Planning & Design: ELENA DAMY DESTINATION WEDDINGS; Photography: Sara Richardson Photography; Location: East Cape}

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  1. Ymara Torres

    I am interested on full information on Micro and Mini weddings. Total of 15 guest, looking for an Ocean view and/or beach, officiant, flowers, photographer, cake, small reception and/or dinner. Very intimate and fun wedding that we do not have to worry about all the little details. We want to enjoy family time and feel secure that things will be taken care off and our vision comes true. Looking forward to hear back from your team.

  2. Carolyn Badelt

    Very nice chatting with you just now Carlos!

    I look forward to speaking with you again and learning more about your services.
    My daughters name is Devonne Badelt and her fiance is Steven Mcfarland. I will loop her in on any emails we start.

    Carolyn Badelt


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