The Elegant Beauty of an Orchid Bouquet

Posted on November 11th, 2016 by Melissa Paul


THE ORCHID FLOWER personifies elegance, luxury and beauty. To us, and to our brides, as well as to countless style icons for hundreds of years harking back to Chinese emperors and Victorian nobility. The orchid speaks in cultured tones well appreciated.

FOR WEDDINGS WE DESIGN, we find there is just no other bloom that captures the tropical, beach feeling quite like the Orchid. Particularly, the Cymbidium Orchid with its larger blooms and velvety striped petals. Elena has designed bridal bouquets with green Cymbidium Orchids, bridesmaids nosegays with blush pink mini Cymbidiums, or birthday party centerpieces with golden yellow Cymbidiums. But the all-white Cymbidium with its raspberry throat that you see here in this photo taken by Chris+Lynn Photographers of a monochromatic orchid bouquet Elena created, is undoubtedly, the most popular shade.  Bridal perfection in one stand out statement!

ASIDE FROM THEIR STUNNING BEAUTY, did you know that in the “language of flowers” the Cymbidum Orchid symbolizes love, affection, refinement, graciousness, and charm?  Our favorite aspect of the Orchid? It’s endurance and integrity. This seemingly delicate flowering plant has the ability to grow anywhere, and has the resistance to bloom under any conditions.

In our eyes, that makes the Cymbidium Orchid the symbol of everlasting love.

Happy Floral Friday!

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