Weathering the Storm

Posted on May 15th, 2020 by Melissa Paul

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Weathering the Storm of Covid-19

Covid-19 has really turned our world upside down, and at first, it had us ravenous for information. But that onslaught of media reports, news alerts, and neighborhood updates really started to cause more harm than good. Our worry and anxieties were not comforted by the global news reports, only the opposite!

Two Decisions We Made

So, we want to share with you the two decisions we made to better handle the terrible challenge we all are facing:

First, we decided to avoid all the negativity around us, because we realized it was draining our energy (and our creativity too), so:

— We stopped watching and reading every single Covid-19 related video, press conference or newscast;

— We “unplugged” from politics (and politicians) – local and international;

— We took a break from Facebook; but when we reconnected, we decided to ignore posts from toxic people and scrolled past fear-based subjects and politics; and

— We stopped watching scary movies about deadly viruses, zombies, and the end of the world.

Then, for our second decision, we decided to focus on the positives: our health, our loved ones, our team, our clients, our dreams. If you know us already, or as you get more acquainted with us, you know we approach life with open hearts, warmth, and positivity. To experience this intense, crazy “Covid-19” chapter in our lives and the stressful way the world has responded has really thrown us for a loop! Our easy-going selves absorbed the fear and we started to see it affect us on every level. Disconnecting from the above list was critical in bringing us back to the present and all the beautiful aspects of life to come here in Cabo!

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Los Cabos to Open June 1st

Many hotels in Los Cabos will reopen on June 1st, and now that our mindset is back to our normal positivity, we have a better chance to weather the next part of the storm. Please, when you can, join us back here in Cabo, we’ll be waiting!

Sending you love from Los Cabos, Mexico,

Carlos and Elena Damy

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