Wedding Style from the Soles Up

Posted on July 12th, 2016 by Claudia Morales


That emotional connection that lingers. The indelible spark that defines everything. Your bridal style can be triggered by anything! Who says it has to start with your wedding gown? Why not work from the bottom, up! Shoes of any sort tend to be brave outlets for one’s personality and individual style. To pick the wedding dress first, and then search high and low for the perfect pair of peep toes that both match the gown AND represent your personal style seems a bit backwards. Doesn’t it?

The bottom line, or, in this case, the red soles of it all, is do it your way. Let your bridal fashion unfold naturally, not from social norms and out-of-date traditions that don’t represent YOU. If you’d rather go shopping for wedding shoes FIRST, then find the gown that shows those sexy heels off to perfection, then do that. Step into your wedding style with joy and confidence!

Love, Claudia Morales XO

Wedding Planner with Elena Damy 

{Photo courtesy of Chris+Lynn Photographers}

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