Importance of Site Inspections for Wedding Venues

Posted on May 4th, 2016 by Melissa Paul

wedding venues and importance of site inspections

WE ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE that at least one site inspection of your wedding venue is a MUST prior to your actual wedding weekend. But that’s the minimum! We love having you here, working side by side, designing each and every element of your wedding as if it were our own. Come as often as you like! But, let’s be real here. Not everyone has the time to pop back and forth to Mexico, which is why we rely on Skype, Viber and WhatsApp to stay in touch during the wedding planning journey. But let’s get back to talking about the importance of venue site inspections.

WITH SO MANY FANTASTIC resorts, hotels and villas available for weddings in Mexico, we suggest coming here for an entire week of location scouting and site inspections. Of course, our super knowledgeable wedding planners, Claudia Morales and Elsa Dilasser, will create a schedule of property tours, catering sales meetings, menu tastings and event design consultations so that each and every moment you are here we are crafting your dream destination wedding.

A DETAILED SITE INSPECTION IS CRUCIAL to the success of the event. With a comprehensive tour of the resort, hotel or villa, you can fully envision how your event will unfold and what you and your guests will experience. Although specifications are not final at this extremely early time, and will likely morph and change as the planning process continues, at least the basic logistical challenges are reviewed.

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So, grab your note pad, pen, camera, or just your SmartPhone and let’s go! HERE’S WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN A SITE INSPECTION.

  1. ARRIVAL. First impressions are everything. What does the entrance drive, gateway and main lobby/foyer convey in terms of mood, decor and service?

  2. OVERALL EXPERIENCE. We’ll walk the area with you as your guests would experience the resort in general, but most importantly, how they will experience the event itself to uncover all possible concerns/issues along the way;

  3. ROOMS. Of course, both suites and standard hotel rooms need to be considered for wedding weekend usage by you and your guests. And, depending on the property, the Presidential Suite may be included in the wedding contract, if only for the wedding night;

  4. CEREMONY. What are the spaces and possible backdrops for the wedding ceremony? Is the ground level and hard? is the dream spot on the beach? are porta-pathways or custom-built stairs needed to allow guests a safe, even entrance-way? Is the spot too windy for your guests to hear your wedding vows? Is the time available too hot for your guests to tolerate? Are there any disabled guests that would require assistance to the ceremony area by golf cart or car?

  5. COCKTAILS AND RECEPTION. Where will the cocktail hour take place? on an existing terrace? on the lawn? on a tennis court? over a pool? What time of day will they occur, cocktails at sunset? dinner and dancing under the stars? What is the existing ambient and safety lighting in each area? How far away are these areas from the ceremony site? How will guests get to and from?

  6. SEATED DINNER SPACE. Is it a seated dinner? a cocktail style event? will there be food stations, buffets or bars all in the same space with the dinner tables? Where is the dance floor and is there a DJ or alive band? What type of tables can be accommodated in the space for your guest count? (square tables take more space than a round, etc);

  7. LOUNGES. Is there a lounge area that needs to be placed in the party areas? will furniture be used in these lounges? Is there a place to hang or place lighting fixtures or decorative elements?

  8. ENTERTAINMENT. Where will the entertainment be placed? do you know how much space they will need?

  9. DANCING. Will there be dancing? is a dance floor needed and if so, where will it be placed?

  10. AFTER PARTY. Is there an after-party?  Where do you envision this happening? Do you intend to use a whole new space at the resort or re-use the cocktail area? Is there any noise or light restrictions after a certain hour that will prevent this?

  11. OTHER EVENTS. Are there other spaces at the resort or hotel that can host a fun Welcome Party, or an intimate rehearsal dinner, a wedding day breakfast or an After the Wedding Sunday Brunch? Maybe a Monday Morning Mimosa before everyone departs.; and, of course,

  12. FOOD AND BEVERAGE. Menus should be discussed as well as wedding standards and possible upgrades. But whenever possible, a full menu tasting should take place to make sure the culinary aspects are up to expectations.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to inspect a wedding venue, by all means, please share them with us. Otherwise, please give us a call or send us an email to schedule your own whirlwind tour of the best wedding locations in Mexico! Cheers!


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