Wedding Weekend Adventure to Isla Espiritu Santo?

Posted on May 10th, 2016 by Elsa Dilasser

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THE PEACEFUL BEAUTY OF ISLA ESPIRITU SANTO is a must-see, eco-tourism wedding excursion for your celebration weekend in Baja. (Just look at that crystal clear, aqua blue water!)

Located in La Paz, just two hours from Los Cabos, this gorgeous, if not mysterious, island is uninhabited but for the protected land-based reptiles, birds and amphibians. With dozens of shallow bays, archaeological finds, and natural beauty, it’s no wonder Espiritu Santo’s biosphere is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES such as snorkeling, hiking and kayaking will absolutely tempt you and your guests, and we know you’ll want the chance to absorb this breathtaking island in one way or another. Some travelers choose to experience Espiritu Santo by taking a guided boat ride, allowing for up close and personal viewing of sea lions, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and when in season (June-August) the largest fish in the world, WHALE SHARKS! But, of course, you can also get in the water yourself and snorkel with the sea lions, should you wish to.


THIS UNSPOILED ECOSYSTEM on Espiritu Santo is made up of 23,800-acres of dry desert with five species of mammals and reptiles, including a ring-tailed cat, black jackrabbit and a ground squirrel, all unique only to the island. With much effort and lots of local love, this scenic island is a marvel of natural conservation and evolution.

SOME BRIDES AND GROOMS COME TO BASK IN THE SOLITUDE, enjoying the pristine beaches and turquoise waters all by themselves. How romantic, right? Other, more adventurous types, go scuba diving. The point is, there is so much to do, or NOT DO, on this little slice of paradise that it’s worth including a visit to Espiritu Santo when planning your wedding weekend!

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Why Not a Wedding Weekend Excursion to Isla Espiritu Santo?



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