We’re Ready for 2021! A Happy New Year Note

Posted on January 1st, 2021 by Melissa Paul


The past year has been difficult, yet it has also been filled with love, light, joy, and happiness! More of that magic is in the works for 2021, too, because we know that no matter what, people will continue to gather together to celebrate life’s special occasions. We also know because we see it every single day, that people continue to fall in love. This means they get engaged, celebrating that promise with engagement parties, and planning weddings to share their joy with others. As they say, LOVE isn’t canceled! But wow, are we blessed to welcome many happy couples here to our beloved Baja for their celebrations!

Inspired by Love

This is the perfect moment to say thank you. We are incredibly grateful for the many beautiful couples and endearing families who trusted ELENA DAMY with their 2020 family events. We also wish to thank our brave and determined clients currently planning their 2021 weddings with us. Their events fill our days with purpose, hope, and creativity — the perfect way to welcome the New Year!

Looking Forward to 2021

Finally, the new year is here and we all look forward to producing more incredible weddings, private parties, and corporate events in 2021.

Happy New Year to our family, friends, clients, and colleagues. May 2021 bring us all much love, good health, and great joy!

XOXO Carlos and Elena



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